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In less than 5 minutes, our questionnaire will build a clear picture of your current situation and needs through a series of simple questions.

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Our questionnaire takes only a few minutes to complete. We guide you through all of the relevant questions which an installer would likely need to know in order to produce a quote or offer.

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Based on your answers in our questionnaire, our logic engine creates a personalised document tailor made for you and your circumstances. We outline what works for you, what doesn’t, and why. We even offer rough cost estimates, so you know what to expect from installers.

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Contact a trusted installer

Greenerguide is then able to put you in contact with local installers around the country. These installers each go through a rugged screening process to ensure that they are MCS certified and reliable.

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Tailored Report

Recieve a personalised report outlining your specific options, our recommendations and cost estimates.

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Why use Greener Guide?

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Easiest way to go green

Thousands of people use Greenerguide every year to help guide them through the journey of becoming more sustainable. Our platform provides all of the information you need to get started quickly.

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Trusted advisor

Greenerguide was built by industry veterans, we offer our knowledge and experience to you, for free. This means you don’t need to go into the process blind or rely on others.

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Get cost estimate

No one has time to be an expert at everything, sometimes you just need a friend to tell you if you’re about to pay too much. With our cost estimates, you’re able to enter discussions with professionals knowing roughly what to expect, and when to walk away!

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  • ISOEnergy
  • Ecoforest
  • Nuenta
  • Elite Renewables
  • IMS Heat Pumps
  • Bay Star

What are people saying?

Gary Harper - CEO - ISOenergy
Gary Harper

CEO - ISOenergy

"Since starting to use Greener Guide, we have saved on average 8 hours per week dealing with uninteresting prospects, now we're able to just direct them to the widget to help thin out the herd"
Jason Adderely - Director - Nuenta
Jason Adderely

Director - Nuenta

"Greener Guide has helped us get a clearer top down view of our customer base, and allowed us to adapt our marketing accordingly, its saved us a lot in advertising costs"
Jane A - Managing Director - Ecoforest
Jane A

Managing Director - Ecoforest

"The Greener Guide widget helped bring our website to the top of Google’s searches and gave us a nice visual update which was needed. We've also seen an increase in return traffic"
Mark Parker - Senior Design Engineer - Elite Renewables
Mark Parker

Senior Design Engineer - Elite Renewables

"Personally, I have found Greener Guide extremely useful to direct new website traffic and enquiries. The system makes sorting and filtering much easier than the systems we were previously using"

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