Carbon Calculator

This tool calculates the carbon footprint of an individual person.

It is important that you enter your individual share of the value rather than the value for your whole household or family.

Move the sliders to adjust the setttings in each category according to your circumstances.

By default the sliders show the average carbon emissions in each area for a UK citizen.

Home Category


Average: 3 bed house with 3 people, gas heating

Average: 3000kWh, 3-bed house with 3 people

Increased by: Daily baths, long showers, garden watering, swimming pool

Transport Category


Petrol, diesel (not business travel)

Not vehicles owned by business

Travel by trains, bus, commuting, etc...

Return trips - not on business

Return trips - not on business

Lifestyle Category


Vegan diet, local source vs Meat, dairy, Air freight

Hotels, restaurants and bars

Purchasing Category


Buying newspapers, magazines, books

Shoes, clothes, fabrics

Computers, Phones, TVs, etc...

Everything else you buy

Phone, broadband, financial services, etc...

All done!

Below is a breakdown of your yearly carbon emissions. You can compare yourself with the global and UK averages. Please bear in mind that these results are based on the answers you’ve provided and are only approximations, if you need to adjust your answers, you can always go back and change your answer. We’ve also included some infographics to help put some of the more abstract measurements into perspective. We hope you enjoy them!

CO2 production

UK Average
Your Total

That's equivalent to...

miles driven
air miles
plastic bottles

Your CO2 production vs UK average

Your CO2 stacked comparison

Your CO2 breakdown

Average UK CO2 breakdown

How to lower emissions

So, you want to do your part to save the planet? That’s great!

If you want to lower your own personal emissions, you can find several cost-effective eco-tip’s here.

To make a larger impact however, you will likely need to change your energy source to a renewable alternative.

You can use our tool to help you find the most appropriate renewable energy solution tailored to your specific circumstances. Answer a few questions, and you will be provided with a personalised report, outlining the costs and benefits of each system. This process takes less than 5 minutes.

You can check it out here